Nikhil Henry

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About me

A young and passionate developer, I've been interested in technology ever since my first laptop in 2013 and the journey hasn't slowed down since then. Now with my interests ranging from social development to all things science. With a love for design and robots, I wish to combine the most powerful utilities from every field and create something truly meaningful. With over 3 years of coding experience and winning multiple competitions as well as being an android developer,my journey doesn't end here. Welcome to my Website and feel free to hit me up with anything or checkout my Github page.




Machine learning and data science with Tensorflow using python.



Game development with Unity3D using C#.

Web Development

Full Stack web development using the hottest libraries.


Android development with java.

3D Design

3D design using AutoDesk Fusion 360.

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things using the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.